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Natural Gas Geoscience
Update time: 2009-08-18
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Natural Gas Geoscience (bimonthly), a comprehensive academic journal in the charge of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is hosted by Lanzhou Branch Library of the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Natural Gas Geoscience, with its first issue in 1990, mainly carries articles about natural gas geology, gas geochemistry, natural gas geophysical exploration and analysis of domestic and international examples of typical gas fields and other aspect, also reports the new theories, new technologies, new methods and new results of domestic and foreign natural gas research and development. In addition, a number of research papers on unconventional gas resources (such as natural gas hydrates, coal bed gas, deep basin gas, etc.) also has a certain proportion in this publication.

Website: www.nggs.ac.cn 
Add: Lanzhou Branch Library of the National Science Library, CAS
8 Tianshui Road Lanzhou 730000 ,Gansu Province P.R.CHINA
Tel: (0931)8277790
Fax:: (0931)8275743
Email: geogas@lzb.ac.cn
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