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Dr.Abigail Clarke-Sather Had A Discussion with the Members of Information Department of Lanzhou Branch-National Science Library, CAS
Update time: 2011-09-27
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In the morning of September 16th, 2011, Dr.Abigail Clarke-Sather,the American expert of 2009 Young Foreign Scientists Fellowship of Chinese Academy of Sciences,gave a helpful communication with the members of Information Department of Lanzhou Branch. Dr. Clarke-Sather is carring on the new phase cooperation research plan with Prof. Jiansheng Qu in Lanzhou.

Dr. Abigail Rose Clarke-Sather introduced the new Progress of “the life cycle assessment of rural energy use in arid areas” which is supported by the Foreign Young Expert Cooperation Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China and undertaken by Dr. Abigail Rose Clarke-Sather and Prof. Qu. Dr. Abigail Rose Clarke-Sather also listed a schedule work in the next year to discuss with members of Information Department. Prof. Qu Jiansheng, the director of Information Department, introduced the newest progresses of this cooperation project. He also advised the researchers to take this communicating chance with Dr. Clarke-Sather and grip the advanced methods and concepts of information research in United States to promote related research work. (Information Department of Lanzhou Branch-NSL)

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