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Strategic Information Research Coordination Group meeting was held in Lanzhou
Update time: 2014-09-29
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September 17th, Strategic Information Research Coordination Group of the Ministry of Strategic Information research,Advisory institution of Scientific Strategies, Chinese Academy of ScienceCASmeeting was held in Lanzhou literature and information Center, CAS. All members of the Strategic Information Research Coordination Group (Information directors of Library and Information Systems unit, CAS) attended the meeting, chaired by Zhang Zhiqiang, who is the Deputy Director of the National Science Library, CAS, and director of Lanzhou literature and information Center.

The purpose of Strategic Information Research Coordination Group meeting is to report on Library and Information Research Departments Gakushuin thoroughly implement the spirit of the summer party meeting, the full implementation of the " The first action plan outline" requirement, discussed and refine design development positioning, key tasks, and other major initiatives of each strategic information research work. At the same time, Head of information units also reported "Four Lead Action Plan" and new thought of building Advisory institution of Scientific Strategies, CAS, and the annual key strategic information task progress in 2014.

Zhang Zhiqiang made a conclusion on the meeting and brought up several requests: first, setting up development consciousness and strengthening development model of the scientific think tank to rapid form new advantages of the development of the scientific think tank. Second, we must think about new challenges and new opportunities of strategic decision-making needs to strategic information research, proposed to further clarify the positioning and strategic information research and development roadmap. The third is to establish a major research and advisory tasks topics mechanism to plan studies and form a series of brand strategic information products with important decisions value and impact effects. Fourth, explore strategic research and advisory services to improve science and technology mechanism and influence the formation mechanism, strengthen the scientific think tank marketing and publicity, expand scientific knowledge diffusion, dissemination of advanced technology decision-making ideas, and influence on scientific research and decision-making consultation strategic information think tank products.


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