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University of Delaware Dr. Afton Clarke-Sather carried out academic exchanges in Lanzhou Branch Library
Update time: 2014-09-29
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 University of Delaware (University of Delaware), Assistant Professor Dr. Afton Clarke-Sather was invited by Professor Zhang Zhiqiang of Lanzhou literature and information Center on 16 July 2014, carried out carbon emissions and climate policy. He made a report on “Recent Developments in US Climate Change Policy”, pointed out Frontier hot issue. This lecture was hosted by Qu Jiansheng, a professor of Lanzhou literature and information Center. All the people of information research department and business backbone of related department, a total of more than 50 people involved in the academic lectures.

Dr. Clarke-Sather systematic introduced the main features of the development process and climate change policy in America, focusing on recent policy developments carried out a detailed interpretation, the participants in depth discussed and exchanged against the United States and international climate policy hot issues with Dr. Clarke-Sather.

Dr. Clarke-Sather has a long cooperation in carbon emissions and assessment of environmental policy research in the field with Lanzhou literature and information Center. This visit focused on collaborative research around water management policies in arid zones. After the meeting, Zhang Zhiqiang, director of Lanzhou literature and information Center researcher, awarded a visiting research associate to issued letter of appointment.

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