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Dr.Tek Maraseni collaborative study in Lanzhou literature and information Center
Update time: 2014-09-29
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July 16, 2014, Dr. Tek Maraseni, a foreign distinguished professor of Chinese Academy of ScienceCASin 2013, executive deputy director of Australia sustainable river basin center, University of Southern Queensland, carried out an international comparative study of carbon emissions in Lanzhou Literature and Information Center. Dr. Tek Maraseni speech entitled “Understanding Water and Energy / GHG Efficiency of Irrigated Agriculture in Australia” academic report. More than 50 people Researchers and graduates who come from Lanzhou literature and Information Center and related units listen to the report and exchange on some hot issues with Dr. Maraseni. This lecture was hosted by Qu Jiansheng, a professor of Lanzhou literature and information Center.

Dr. Maraseni mainly engaged in research, including climate change adaptation and mitigation, carbon emissions and other accounting and modeling, has published more than 80 articles academic treatise, and has got more than 20 international academic awards. The academic report systematically introduced main agricultural irrigation systems around the Australian energy use and carbon emissions, and proposed three kinds of scenarios on restructuring of agricultural water management - comprehensive energy efficiency and carbon emission targets, and put forward concrete suggestions to agricultural irrigation water saving problem for other water-scarce areas in Australia.

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