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"China Science Daily" reported Lanzhou Branch proposed farm animals and plants diversity is declining
Update time: 2013-12-19
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According to recent period research results of food and agriculture organization and other institutions in the United Nations, because of global environmental change, industrialization and population growth, Earth's species of both wild and domesticated plants and animals show the accelerating disappearance,  which constitutes a fundamental threat to the well-being and even the survival of humankind. The decline in the diversity of crops and animals is occurring in tandem with the need to sharply increase world food production and as a changing environment makes it more important than ever to have a large genetic pool to enable organisms to withstand and adapt to new conditions. Therefore, it needs to strengthen the protection and utilization of these plant and animal species diversity.  

September 9, 2013, "China Science Daily" published Qu Jiansheng, Liao Qin of Lanzhou Branch study recommended that our country should beware of the potential risk that farmed species diversity reduce. Based on survey of the value of farmed species diversity and biodiversity status, this study analyzed reduction reasons of animal species biodiversity through combined with the analysis of the main measures international aquaculture species diversity protection, then animal species diversity conservation in China are proposed: First, from the perspective of the national food security, agriculture and animal husbandry products' international competitiveness and the sustainable development of farming and animal husbandry, comprehensively strengthen local species protection and development, the new domesticated animals specification management and control of alien species, gene technology application; Second, strengthen the appraisal work of breeding species, improve the list of varieties, and carry out the species conservation and protection work; Third, Raising public awareness of function and value in aquaculture species diversity to form the consensus to protecting local species resources; Finally, Strengthen related R&D to support the animals and plants diversity protection.
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