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"China Science Daily" reported Lanzhou Branch proposed to strengthen the management of river basin water resources and strictly control river pollution
Update time: 2013-12-19
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In recent years, many our country's rivers are facing the water pollution problem, not only cause the watershed ecosystem health deteriorated, but aquatic species gradually disappeared, which serious influence on the health of human beings, and attract the public attention and concerns. Along with the rapid advance of urbanization, industrialization,  producing a large number of sewage treatment requirements will also be more urgent.

July 22th, 2013"China Science Daily" Released Lanzhou Branch proposed to strengthen the management of river basin water resources and strictly control river pollution research proposals. Lanzhou Branch of the National Science Library, Lanzhou, researcher Zhang Zhiqiang, Xiong Yonglan et.al based on some cases of European Rhine river water pollution governance, Thames river pollution governance, Delaware river pollution control and Biwa lake pollution governance, Systematic analyzed the existing problems in the river basin management in our country, and proposed suggestions to strengthen the control of water pollution. The suggestions as follow: First, from the watershed ecosystem health and human well-being perspective, strengthen integrated river basin planning, make long-term work to prepare the water pollution control and treatment as one of the most important environmental work in the next 20 years; Second, strengthen water resources management concept innovation, and establish water price mechanism for basin level that meet water resources value and the cost of the pollution treatment, water rights trading and emissions trading system; Third, Strengthen watershed management design and implementation of laws and regulations, establish water quality monitoring and coordinating the sewage management system of China's major river basin and its tributaries to ensure coherence, solid, efficient of water pollution monitoring and management. A multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary comprehensive research at basin level reveals the mechanism of water pollution and water management, by combing water pollution problems associated with other issues to determine fundamental measures of the water pollution governance.

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