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Three 2008 "Western Light" Project charged by LLAS has passed the intermediate inspection
Update time: 2010-06-15
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  On the morning of Jun 13th, in LLAS, the intermediate inspection of "Western Lights" projects was hold by Lanzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Science. 6 experts from each institute of Lanzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Science formed the inspecting team.

  Experts of the inspecting team listened to the report of each "Western Lights" project, and gave their suggestions.The three "Western Lights" projects of LLAS were: 1) Study on the development pattens and path of Small cities in the Western Region.(by Gao Feng); 2) Study on technology roadmap of Gansu disaster reduction based on knowledge analysis.(by An Peijun); 3) Academic institutes human resource construction and flowing of senior talents at home and abroad.(by Wang xuemei).




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