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Dr. Xiao Yanling (The University of Leeds, UK) was invited to LLAS and gave speech
Update time: 2010-07-23
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  Jul 16th, Dr Xiao Yanling (The University of Leeds, UK), who was invited by Researcher Gao feng, visited LLAS and gave a wonderful speech named "Disaster Management, Environment Evaluation and Modeling".

  Accompanied with Ma Jianxia, directer of the operation office of LLAS, Dr. Xiao visited every operating unit and the exhibition hall of LLAS. Dr. Xiao was shocked by the research results of LLAS, and said that she hope to enhance communicating with LLAS and start some collaborating work in very area.

  Then Dr. Xiao gave us the wonderful speech named "Disaster Management, Environment Evaluation and Modeling". In the speech, Dr. Xiao introduced the research work on Geoscience in the University of Leeds firstly, then she turned to her three research interests: 1) Disaster research; 2) Science quality audit research; 3) Environment modeling and Information system. Dr. Xiao also discussed with some intelligence research faculty about some special topics such as carbon emission, climate change, etc.

  After the speech, Dr. zhang Zhiqiang, director of LLAS, said that the research work of Dr. Xiao was very valuable and had special perspective. He encouraged the intelligence research faculty of LLAS to study Dr. Xiao' perspective, improve the research work of LLAS. He hoped to establish a long-term relationship with university of Leeds.


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