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Lanzhou Branch of National Science Library Has Published Climate Change Newsletter (weekly).
Update time: 2010-05-10
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 Climate change has become a major concern of the international community and also one of the most difficult and important development and environmental problems. To meet the needs of real-time climate change information provision and sharing, with the direct guidance from the leadership of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou Branch Library started to publish Climate Change Express (weekly) in March, 2010, which provides special delivery service of real-time news and information about climate change.

The purpose of Climate Change Express (weekly) is to help the macro decision making of addressing climate change issues.

Since Climate Change Express (weekly) was published in March, 2010, we have reported independent reviews of IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, public responses after the Global Warming Countermeasures Basic Act released by the Government of Japan, etc.
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