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Journal Publishing Reform and Development Seminar in 2009 Held in Lanzhou Branch Library
Update time: 2009-09-22
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To seize the scholarly publishing digitalizing trends and opportunities, promote scientific and technical periodicals development planning and strategy and facilitate the whole library’s periodicals publishing reform and innovation development, “Journal Publishing Reform and Development Seminar” for the whole library sponsored by the National Science Library and hosted by Lanzhou Branch Library journals centre was held in Lanzhou Branch Library on July 9-10, 2009. Mr. Chen Dan, Dr. Zhang Zhiqiang, Dr. Fang Shu, deputy directors of National Science Library, Mr. Liu Qing, Deputy Director of Wuhan Branch Library, Dr. Gao Feng, Deputy Director of Lanzhou Branch Library and editors-in-chief and editors of 16 periodicals attended this seminar.
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