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“Excellent Staff Plan” job notice
Update time: 2009-09-27
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“Excellent Staff Plan” job notice


1. recruitment jobs
(1) Strategic Intelligence depth analyst
1 person
Facing the need of science and technology strategic decision-making and subject and base strategic intelligence research, with a professional background of science and technology policy or science and technology policy research or science and technology measurement research, master the advanced methods and techniques of intelligence analysis, or with strong ability of science and technology strategy and policy analysis, with the intelligence of strategic intelligence analysis or subject intelligence analysis, could organize a high level of strategic intelligence analysis services.


(2)digital library critical applications: 1 person
Facing the construction of Digital knowledge environment for scientific research and digital library, to master advanced information systems technology,  with the research and development capabilities and experience of digital library systems or combination of scientific and information integration technology, could take the lead in organizing digital knowledge systems and digital library development and application of critical systems.  


2. recruitment requirements

1doctor degree

2used be a chief leader or key member of national scientific research project

 (3) have certain influence, have the ability of initiative research

 (4) have the ability of organization management and international communication

5below 40 years-old


Application sectorthe general office of the Lanzhou branch of the National science library of the Chinese Academy of sciences

Add: The Scientific Information Center Resources and Environment, CAS
8 Tianshui Road Lanzhou 730000, Gansu Province P.R.CHINA

Contact: Qu jiansheng0931-8270035  jsqu@lzb.ac.cn

     Zhu Zhongming0931-8272239  zzm@lzb.ac.cn

     Cao Xia0931-8273628  caoxia@llas.ac.cn



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