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CNC-DIVSERSITAS Information Center Established in Lanzhou Branch Library
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Chinese National Committee for Diversitas (CNS-DIVERSITAS) formally approved Lanzhou Branch Library (the Scientific Information Center for Resources and Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) to set up CNC-DIVERSITAS Information Center on February 12, 2009. Up to now, Lanzhou Branch Library has set up four information centers for international global change research programs of Chinese National Committees. Before this, three information centers were established, which were for Chinese National Committee for International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (CNC-IGBP) in 2000, for Chinese National Committee for the International Human Dimensions Programmes on Global Environment Change (CNC-IHDP) in 2004 and for Chinese National Committee for World Climate Research Program (CNC-WCRP) in 2005.

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